Brad’s back on tour! He started last night in Marshfield, Wisconsin and is on the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota for tonight’s show. He’s touring with Jon McLaughlin (Sara Bareilles) and Mark Scibilia on a tour that takes him to both U.S coasts and all points in between. He’ll be performing songs from his upcoming release “Brad Ray” (StingRay Records) and making new friends and fans along the way. Check out the tour schedule and catch him live!bradray1-jpg

  Sep 14, 2016

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So proud of you Brad! I’m sure it all started when I use to stay with your mom and dad and babysit you when you were a baby! I’d sit there and rock you and sing my heart out to you. Even though you were a new born I’m sure you were thinking ” this girl sounds horrible, when I grow up I have to learn how to carry a tune because if I sing as bad as her I’m doomed” lol!

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